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Beauty from Afar will be going online …

bfacoverwebBeauty from Afar: A Medical Tourist’s Guide to Affordable and Quality Cosmetic Care Outside the U.S. will be going out of print soon, and the rights to the book have reverted to me, the author. This is a good thing, because I plan to offer the book online.

The site for the book, as before, will be at I’m switching to the blog format. It will take me a while to sort out how best to present the book. An e-book will be available for download … but today is the first day of this project, and I have a lot of decisions to make and work to do.

I’d be interested in hearing from other authors who have put their books online. And, as I said — the rights to the book are mine and I am willing to entertain offers for what could very quickly become one of the most trafficked medical tourism sites on the Internet.

Launched Prisma Dental Blog … Yay! :-)

Feb. 21, 2008The Prisma Dental Blog is up and running. It’s a site that I think, over time, will do a lot to inform people who need major dental work about the option of having it done in Costa Rica. I do not often get directly involved with recommending specific overseas medical facilities but I make an exception, always, for Prisma — since I have my own personal experience there. Over the last four years, I’ve corresponded with and spoken with hundreds of people about my own dental work. And I remain thrilled … Continue reading

Medical Travel on TV News

Medical travel continues to garner considerable media coverage. News 14 Carolina did this story yesterday; I post it in part because I’m included in the interview. They’ve got the before-and-after shots of my teeth in there as well, from 2004.

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

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Globe and Mail: Sun, Sand and Surgery … Today

The Globe and Mail, the newspaper of record in Canada with a weekly circulation of something like two million, leads their travel section today with a big article on medical tourism. Dave McGinn does a nice job looking at the phenomenon from the Canadian perspective, and I’m not just saying so because he interviewed me and mentioned my book, Beauty from Afar (though that certainly doesn’t hurt him, here.)

“As the demand for prompt, affordable medical services grows, more and more countries are encouraging foreigners to visit and take advantage of their health-care systems – for a fee.”

That’s how McGinn’s editor sums up the situation.

Among the chief reasons I like what McGinn did is that he didn’t body-surf the tidal wave of publicity for Thailand and/or India and researched other up-and-coming destinations. McGinn looks at Cuba, which I’d like to know more about and is more of a destination for Canadians than for U.S. residents; and also covers Costa Rica, Portugal and Spain, South Korea and Taiwan.

It was just the other day that my dentists in Costa Rica were telling me that they are seeing more and more Canadian patients.

The Globe and Mail couldn’t resist the almost cliche headline of “Sun, sand and surgery,” though I am sure that is not Dave’s doing. Copy editors | page designers are in a hurry. Been there, done that as well.

(article link to Globe and Mail Story)

Today is a “Bestseller” Day …

When Beauty from Afar first came out, I was afflicted with Amazon Sales Rank Syndrome, a phrase I apparently just coined because a Google search for it finds nothing, nada. ASRS sufferers have mood swings linked to the mysterious ups and downs of how their book is doing according to Amazon, as measured by Sales Rank. Hardly anyone, including people in the publishing industry, has a clue about how Amazon calculates Sales Rank.

This morning, Beauty from Afar was at about 16,000, high enough to make it the No. 1 book in the “Plastic Surgery” category at Amazon. Yippee, huh? BFA has been as high as about 900. It also, on occasion, plummets to 400,000 or so. Continue reading

Quoted on | Surgery Overseas did a nice piece today on traveling outside the U.S. for cosmetic surgery; I knew it was coming because the writer, Neil Schlecht, interviewed me a couple of weeks ago. I’m quoted briefly in the story, as an expert, and my book gets mentioned.

Neil apologized a little for the brevity but we both know that’s the way things go, what with editing, rules about space and length, etc. Neil found someone going to South Africa for surgery (hence, “safari” in the headline) … which was interesting to me because most of the recent journalism about medical travel has been focused on the Far East and/or Central and South America. South Africa can also be a fine destination but it gets more attention as such in the U.K. than it does in the U.S.

Beauty from Afar” has been out for more than a year now, and it is nice that it still gets noticed and sells pretty well online. Maybe with other books out now on the subject of medical tourism, bricks-and-mortar stores will notice that there’s a growing body of literature and a lot of interest … and they’ll free up some precious shelfspace.

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I’m not a doctor …

… but now, I apparently play one on television in Florida and on the Internet, for a few seconds anyway. ;-) Not Dr. Arnold Berlin …

This was on WFTV Channel 9 in Florida, apparently edited from the same original video as used for the Channel 14 piece in the previous post. My apologies to Dr. Arnold Berlin, but it really wasn’t my fault.

Click on the image, you’ll see what I mean. I took it directly from the video. The full news clip is here.

I’ll probably follow up on this tomorrow or Monday — maybe there’s a picture of Dr. Berlin I can add here — but I’m past due to pick up the pizza for dinner and we’re expecting yet another nor’easter…

(Update, Dec. 17) We’re somewhat shoveled out … that was yesterday’s signature accomplishment. Here in New England, a foot of snow should be considered commonplace. But we are somehow still struck by the wonder of it, hundreds of years after the Pilgrims were writing home about how hard a Massachusetts winter can be.

Anyway, I can’t find a photo that is, with certainty, of Arnold Berlin, MD, but I am amusedly honored by our brief moment of confused identity and perhaps, someday, I’ll get to see him perform — surgically or musically!