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The Reason Romney Lost …

Among all the reasons offered for why Mitt Romney lost the presidential election (and I think I have read ALL of them, from both sides, I really do) …

Just one stands out for beauty and comprehensiveness and ALSO for utter prescience, because this result was foretold.

Romney, by not having written a concession speech “just in case,” tempted “the wrath of the whatever from high atop the thing.”

President Romney: The First 90 Days

I thought I could sell one more pre-election humor piece … but I ran out of time. Rather than grumble, I thought I’d just post it where people might appreciate it:

President Romney: The First 90 Days

My own favorite line was about expanding the Navy with a “Cash for Clunker Yachts” program. But there’s something for everyone, just the way Mitt would have wanted!