Launched Prisma Dental Blog … Yay! :-)

Feb. 21, 2008The Prisma Dental Blog is up and running. It’s a site that I think, over time, will do a lot to inform people who need major dental work about the option of having it done in Costa Rica. I do not often get directly involved with recommending specific overseas medical facilities but I make an exception, always, for Prisma — since I have my own personal experience there. Over the last four years, I’ve corresponded with and spoken with hundreds of people about my own dental work. And I remain thrilled …

… with my smile. Josef and Telma are my dentists, and they really needed their own blog.

They’re also my dad’s dentists, and my girlfriend’s … well, you get the idea. I’m the editor for their blog and I was pleased to take the password protection off of the pages this morning so that people can take a look.

Most websites that have to do with medical travel are static and designed to attract traffic and page views, and there are zillions of them, which makes it harder all the time to get reliable information on the web. I’m pleased that my book holds up pretty well, as a resource, of course.

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