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Launched Prisma Dental Blog … Yay! :-)

Feb. 21, 2008The Prisma Dental Blog is up and running. It’s a site that I think, over time, will do a lot to inform people who need major dental work about the option of having it done in Costa Rica. I do not often get directly involved with recommending specific overseas medical facilities but I make an exception, always, for Prisma — since I have my own personal experience there. Over the last four years, I’ve corresponded with and spoken with hundreds of people about my own dental work. And I remain thrilled … Continue reading

Medical Travel on TV News

Medical travel continues to garner considerable media coverage. News 14 Carolina did this story yesterday; I post it in part because I’m included in the interview. They’ve got the before-and-after shots of my teeth in there as well, from 2004.

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My So-Called Life, in Six Words

Yep. There I am on page 127 of “Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure.”

Smith Magazine got the idea, see, from Hemingway, that one can say quite a lot in six words, which of course, one can, whether one is famous or obscure. Most of us would be the latter.

“After Harvard, had baby with crackhead,” Robin Templeton’s six words that lead off the book … well, those are pretty lively, huh?

It took me a few years to get my answer to the question of what happened to my marriage down to … let’s see … ten words, which I’m not revealing here. That was a long time ago. I’m not going to try to knock it down to six. Unless someone wants to publish it.

My six words included “serendipity,” which is sort of cliché, or at least it’s a word I get tired of periodically. But I’m not going to give you the other five words here. Go read the book.

Or give me your own six-word memoir in a comment, and I’ll play catch-and-throw.